• 24K Goldzan Gold Essence Ampoule
  • 24K Goldzan Gold Essence Ampoule
  • 24K Goldzan Gold Essence Ampoule
  • 24K Goldzan Gold Essence Ampoule
  • 24K Goldzan Gold Essence Ampoule

24K Goldzan Gold Essence Ampoule

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An ampoule enriched with 99.9% pure gold. The ultimate solution against skin aging, wrinkles, and sagging. The most luxurious skincare product in the market today.

  • 50 mg of pure gold. The fine granular gold removes toxins and impurities on the skin by the ion-exchange method.
  • Stimulates the skin's natural moisturizing factor and promotes metabolism to achieve the desired tightening and whitening effects.
  • 7 kinds of peptide combinations supply nutrition to the skin and play a role in skin regeneration. Also prevents wrinkle formation and makes the skin smoother and plumper.
  • Contains plant extracts such as lotus and Wujiapi as well as the hydrolyzed collagen extracted from salmon cartilage to increase skin elasticity.
  • Perfect for regaining your youthful skin.


    1. Apply on your face preferably after cleansing and toning or as the last part of your skincare routine at night. Not advisable to use during the day before going out.
    2. Tiny gold particles that appear like glitters will be observed on the skin. Let those stay overnight because of a huge role in the removal of toxins and impurities on your skin through the ion exchange method.
    3. Gently pat for better absorption.

    TYPE: Ampoule
    VOLUME: 100 ml


    1. For external use only.
    2. Do not apply to wounds or any areas with injuries.


    How to spot fake 24k goldzan?

    • Serums are made up of essential oils and to test it you can try rubbing any normal oil like coconut on your hand. After that put some serum on top of the area you just oiled. If it doesn't mix and produces bubbles then it's not serum and if it mixes well with the oil then it's the real thing.

    Is this safe for sensitive skin?

    • There have been no known reports of skin irritation or allergy among the users so far. Moreover, as most ingredients are herbal, hence, this product is supposed to be one of the safest products to use.

    Why is the gold particles don't melt completely?

    • Rub the glitters thoroughly till mag break down Siya into small particles.

    Is this safe for pregnant and breastfeeding?

    • Yes.

    How frequently should I use it?

    • It really depends on your skin need. It can be used daily before bedtime, or 3 times a week.

    Does it have any scent?

    • It does not have a scent.

    Bakit watery and consistent?

    • It is ampoule which is potent, viscous fluids. Ampoules are more potent than serums. The highly concentrated ampoule is formulated with visible flecks of Gold and enriched with 7 different peptides. Kaya Siya is a bit watery than usual serum for better absorption.

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